Julie Oyang is a novelist, visual artist and screenwriter based in The Netherlands.

She has published short stories, essays, articles and poetry in a wide variety of magazines and anthologies. Butterfly, a novel is her most recent title. Visit www.julieoyang.com for more info.

Julie on Julie: “Perhaps my greatest achievement is my big mouthism, I always know a way to get myself in trouble. Please visit my web spaces and get to know me better.  I will talk back to you because of your words.”

You can buy print copies on Amazon or Barns&Noble.

Butterfly, a novel is also available in Kindle, Nook and iBook.

Praises for Butterfly, a novel
“A tour de force…James Joyce of the Orient.” Leanne Delehanty, author and visual artist
“A passionate piece of prose full of unexpected wonderment” Ma Jian, author of Beijing Coma
“…this is nothing like I’ve read before. The writing style is “different” , somewhat a la Haruki Murakami.” The Vault of Books
“One story I truly enjoyed…a mesmerising literary work which melds fantasy with reality and past with present, to weave a story of love and forgiveness…with powerful and original imagery.” Dionne Lister, Australian writer
“…wounding, destroying even, but never devastating, for amidst everything there is laughter.” Jeremy Fernando, Singapore Review of Books
“Highly recommended!” Bibliography Masters

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