Change: the shapeshifter


Julie O’yang contemporary calligraphy | (Thinking of) Change, 69074cm (c)Julie O’yang 2017

This recent piece of artwork is made of many layers of thoughts, with the Chinese character “Change” 變 floating to the surface.
Its appearance is based on the famous shapeshifter Sun Wukong, commonly known as Monkey King (16th century).

I would like to invite artists and art lovers around the world to interact with me through this image.

You may alter it in any way you like based on your aesthetic judgement as well as your emotional experience and evaluation. In this way, we make art alive by our joined effort. Art unite us through Change!

I have experienced both excitement and serenity while creating this piece. It seems that Chinese ink technique is the rare expressive channel that can be perfectly calming and powerful.

Please CHANGE! and share your “Change” with me:

*“Nothing in this world is difficult, but thinking makes it seem so. Where there is true will, there is always a way.” Monkey King, Journey to the West

Thank you for reading!


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