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Julie O’Yang: on the cutting edge of trends — Take a privileged peek of our dazzling approach of the subjects!!!

!!XiN magazine autumn edition out now!!

Editor’s Letter 

Autumn is about confidence



Designers want us to dress like spring, in billowing things. I, for one,  don’t feel like spring. I feel like a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Indeed, warm red autumn has a different sense of sexuality, sense of  fun, or sense of what’s cool, sexy or tough.

Recently, an artist friend of mine and I had a conversation over the telephone. He said in a sort of bold way: “I tell you the truth. Art produces ugly things that frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things that always become ugly with time.” Obviously, I couldn’t resist taking a seat offered to me and answered, “So why don’t we change our time this time and set the clock to suit us?”

People, it really is that simple! XiN’s autumn edition is clearly about changing time, about change. It is our sophisticated effort to reverse the accepted dynamics and to place Asia in the center with a BIG idea. For XiN, China/Asia is in the center. I think that’s a very different perspective. China as a country that has taken a lead in world affairs has to have a touch of iron about her: but this time the iron is soft. It’s about sharing. We share ideas. From culture to economy, from art to business concept, XiN’s autumn edition covers a variety of subjects that shows the spectrum of our contemporary life. XiN’s softness and toughness contribute to our global community. XiN is about  identity but it is not. Our new perspective is something very organic and authentic. We are here, we are from here, we are of here and that will naturally show. We are new, and the new always decides what’s familiar. XiN is a rebel, but one with a cause; one that is louder, more confident and eloquent because we know what we stand for. It is said that French women have been made beautiful by the French people  – they are very aware of the way they move and speak, they are very confident about who they are. French society made them like that. I would say that Chinese men and women are made beautiful by our times and our globalizing world! Let’s start to shine today!

In the autumn you choose and harvest. It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… The eternal autumn shall not fade. I fall for you, my lovely autumn – I fall for you, XiN and XiN’s bright, sexy, inspiring audience!

In XiN’s autumn edition the following articles:

Designed in China: “China has become the second largest economy, the world wants to know more about China. This is perfect timing for Chinese contemporary design to decide its main priority: to define who we are on our terms. This goes for Chinese contemporary culture in general, from literature to the film industry, from visual art to music to indie pop. It is uniqueness and freshness born on the stage of a global/glocal economy. And the new always decides what’s familiar!”

XiN’s wine story: the Chinese grape wall vs. the world

Hidden treasures of Beijing

The meaning of luxury

Polo and its Asian origin

Movie star Hu Bing defines the Chinese gentleman

The Dutch from a Chinese Perspective

North Sea Jazz goes China!

City of the sun/Buildings with a heart

& more powerful, more open China economy

Julie O’Yang | Editor-in-Chief


XiN Media
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2587 CL The Hague
The Netherlands
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Deliciously dark out of the blue: a review

by Julie O’Yang

There’s a dream that returns to the factory at regular intervals. Not a nightmare exactly, but it still comes pretty close.

In Requiem for the factory, the protagonist is She, factory. “The last time she punched out, she felt it was her that was being clocked.”

The protagonist, no matter how hard she labours to forget who she is, no matter how much time and effort she is putting in forgetting, she just can’t help remembering the factory machines that go on and on and on. She gets stuck in the loop of Time, and she thinks she is working but she can’t get anything done…So the factory decided to look for a writer, a photographer and an artist to help her end her torture.

This is a book that sounds like a song, a stream of consciousness that is experienced through a cacophony of broken windows, abandoned chimneys and brick walls full of shouting graffiti; words of ancient factories that no-one bothers to hear. The sounds of the highly ornamented, rapid mezzo soprano are dissonant and sometimes arhythmical. This is perhaps something of an acquired taste.

There is an extraordinary connection between the creators of the factory’s swan song, each complementing or riffing off the others with seemingly little pause or consideration, but pushing through the theme and subject with the single mindedness usually only paralleled by a one-man team.

It is a dream that perhaps reflects China’s past, a work ethic, and the force that drives a fear of failure. Perhaps, Requiem for the factory is, more than anything else, about Creation. The process of Creation and the fear of it. (Text: ©2013Julie O’Yang)requiem - Cover highres

Requiem for the factory ISBN 978-9810743369

Jeremy Fernando (text)

Kenny Png (photography)

Yanyun Chen (layout)

with an afterword by Lim Lee Ching


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