You know China from here

“China has become the second largest economy, the world wants to know more about China. This is perfect timing for Chinese contemporary culture to decide its main priority: to define who we are on our terms, from literature to film industry, from visual art to music to indie pop. It’s an opportunity not to be missed. It’s time for us to choose direction.
Identity politics, cultural imperialism and define Asia, the three sensitive, almost taboo topics we touch upon […] The avant-garde initiatives place China and Asia in the centre. It’s a very different perspective, but a very organic and authentic perspective. From here, made here, and of here. It’s a new perspective, and the new always decides what’s familiar.
Placing Asia in the centre complicates perspectives, it is uniqueness and freshness born on the stage of a global/glocal economy. Edward Said, author of Orientalism, attempted to give a rational face to the cultural imperialism in his sequel, Culture and Imperialism. “Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography, none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography. That struggle is complex and interesting because it is not only about soldiers and cannons but also about ideas, about forms, about images and imaginings.” Creating for somebody will be replaced by creating from somebody. Everything is possible.

Affluence means influence. Creative industry is about power. China is on the verge of being a cultural superpower.”

Fragment from Julie O’Yang’s essay on (defying) cultural georgraphy — Read full article in XiN magazine autumn edition, pb. September 2013

Julie O’Yang is an Europe-based fiction writer, essayist, and screenwriter. Her fiction, essays and film reviews have featured in international renowned publications. Check for her recent book titles. Currently Julie is working on her next novel (the only statement that does not need to be updated from time to time;) ).

Julie O’Yang | Editor-in-Chief

XiN Media
Badhuisweg 74
2587 CL The Hague
The Netherlands
XiN: You know China from here!




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