Who knows where the night will begin or where it could all lead? Grab a copy, close your eyes, run your finger over…me

A Review

By Liam Lyles

When one picks up the dainty novel Butterfly by Julie O’Yang one does not consider the journey they are about to go on.

Butterfly is a novel of time and proportion, a huge swell of ebb and flow that takes the reader back and forth through time and place that can leave the reader dizzy but intently cognizant. The tone is chaotic if the reader is not used to a frenetic pace from a quality craft however is ticked away in good timing the deeper the reader invests. This strong language and vivid counterculture is far more cagy than those radio interviews I have heard the author’s tiny voice in. There is vibrato and compunction here to be sure that this reader did not expect from a small bound book.

The history in the novel is shaking and if the reader is not stirred by the emotions from the experiences within then my guess is that the reader has missed the mark in their chest altogether.

There is plenty of fiction and mythological nature that soars ravenously, especially for a butterfly, however soars nonetheless. The author takes her dialogue through cynical and macabre approach where the tongue is shaved dry of it use in forming the words. The author’s use of dialogue is a key strength that this reader was spellbound over. This book is read with the mind and the heart and not the air from the mouth.

My research shows this as the only current novel by this author and I will have to say that I am starving already for the next read.

Review originally published on GoodReads. Click here.

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