To understand me, you need to have had near-death experience ;)

…We live not according to reasons but according to fashion. All right, I tell you what I’m wearing today. A basic cotton shirt with a cardigan, shawl, sweater plus a great, light brown throw-over. I know, I’m over-doing the layered clothing trend and I look like a top-heavy Siberian bear ready to disappear into my den for several months to hibernate. The truth is I like to turn off the heater in my room when I sit down at my desk to write. I just enjoy cold thoughts more, and in northern Europe where I live, these thoughts can be like FREEZING in the winter. Anyway, I was talking about the idea “layered”.

You need to go back to an ultra short story of mine, A Science of Discontent. Open the link and read the post first before you decide to exit or go on to finish reading me.

Now you know something about this weird place called Betty’s planet. You may think: “Wtf. What’s she doing? I don’t get it.” Don’t worry, I get “I don’t get it” often. I’m going to peel off my Siberian layers to show you some heavenly pearls around my neck —

Here are some clues for you to understand our brilliant Betty Turandu and her home.

1. Pythagoras: Harmony of the Spheres.

2. Cicero’s classic piece Scipio’s dream & the near-death experience

[*Bernard Field, in the preface to his History of Science Fiction, cited Scipio’s vision of the Earth as seen from a big height as a forerunner of modern science fiction writers describing the experience of flying in orbit — particularly noting the similarity between Scipio’s realization that Rome is but a small part of the Earth with similar feeling by characters in Arthur C. Clarke’s works. —Wikipedia]

3. Listen to W A Mozart’s version of the “soul journey”. Wolfgang composed the opera when he was 15.

“A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”  So I design my layered dreams. I like classics, they are always modern.

Layered fruit by Curated Consumption

Layered fruit by Curated Consumption



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2 responses to “To understand me, you need to have had near-death experience ;)

  1. Thank You Lady will be reading later today once I have attended all me meetings in the SNOW……..yippeeeee its snowing here in UK x Wish you were here x


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