On Planet Betty Turandu Lei Ying, humans watch an entirely different kind of soap opera. Check out!

Doorknobs & BodyPaint online issue #68, theme Halloween & All Saints.

For the science fiction section, Editor Doug Mathewson published a foxy gold story by Julie O’Yang.

Click & read: http://www.iceflow.com/doorknobs/writers/JOYANG.html. Pls 2nd click  A Science of Discontent. The website works a little too foxy labyrinthine even for the foxy brilliant me. So if you walk around Planet Lei Ying and lose your way, please follow my fox sharp hot smell and come back right here to see the rest of my post.

Have a foxy, smelly day!

Betty Turando Lei Ying's planet observed through Hubble Foxeye

Betty Turandu Lei Ying’s planet observed through Hubble Foxeye

A Science of Discontent

An ultra sf story by Julie O’Yang

It’s July in the year of Our Lord 3888. The Sun shines on Planet Scipio, home of Rigid Economists and Prophets, two last human clans who are rulers of all. The moonshine, the cicada’s song is a lullaby, romances – which victims of the virus euphorically call “the Sovereign Cloud”. Humans also rule Time; they don’t die. On Scipio, you can stretch 1 minute to eternity if you enjoy shopping for instance. One asks why shopping particularly. A priest from the Rigid Economists clan would read aloud from his ancient Numidian Bible: “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. Relativity.” No-one would ask anything anymore, because he risks shopping for the rest of his life due to an irreversible mistake made in the history of encoding the DNA of Eternity. The shops look like toy temples and shrines in perpectual carnival gloss, built to entertain kids. Scipio’ans love kids.

Betty Turandu Lei Ying belongs to the Prophets, the hostile clan characterised by elfin posture combined with their giant heads, which is the only body part that has struggled to keep its original size during collective shrinking. The legend goes that a clan leader in the past summoned everybody to shrink as a response to scarcity. Terrible stories. Ever since then storage spaces have been filled to the brim, even during Scarlet Season when wild fires flare across the high lands. The secret? Betty knows the one secret – an unspoken riddle – which is nevertheless crucial to the life on Planet Scipio. “There is no escape – we pay for the violence of our ancestors,” Betty Turandu knows by her nine-year-old heart. “What if the Prophecy is true? The feared truth named Businessman Dave Wheeler.”

The man who got rich by selling millions of little bars of soap. One day he will come to the Prophets to launder their brains in his notorious washing machine and destroy the piece of evidence that Businessman Dave Wheeler is a real thing.

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3 responses to “On Planet Betty Turandu Lei Ying, humans watch an entirely different kind of soap opera. Check out!

  1. Bedankt Julie, ga ik – maar niet vandaag – lezen.. Ciao, later! x

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