A tale of Lotus Lover

“There are too many lovely flowers in the world. Tao Yuan Ming in Jin Dynasty loved only chrysanthemum. People usually were interested in peony since Tang Dynasty. However, I do like lotus which is clean even being in the muddy pond. It is so pure, delicate and bright. The lotus is consistent, continue and coherent deep inside. It appears to be straight, proper and honest. It gives a fantastically good smell and people could even sense its excellent smell far away. It has no unnecessary branches. It can be only appreciated distantly but not touched blasphemously. I am convinced that the chrysanthemum is a recluse while the peony is a rich and the lotus is undoubtedly the sovereign. We seldom find someone loves chrysanthemum like Tao. Who show the enthusiasm in the lotus in the same way as I do? Then who likes peony? Almost everybody!” A Tale of Lotus Lover by Zhou Dunyi (1017 – 1073)



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2 responses to “A tale of Lotus Lover

  1. I like lotus more than chrysanthemum, too.
    Best regards from Scully

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