When I had a bad headache

A dance scene I drafted on 15 September when I had a bad headache. Sharing with you on this Monday morning:
The man led her to the marble dance floor, as he studied her through his quizzical eyes. With her 5feet 6 inches, Katerina was rather more impressive than what’s marked “beautiful” in the company that mainly consisted of Chinese and Japanese guests; beau monde of Harbin who didn’t particularly stand out in height. Among the showy flock of scarecrows, her tidy silhouette reminded him of a Greek statue, rising, flower-like, from floor in a cascade of shadow and light, and unfolding a graduated lavender field in the bleak midwinter. Soft, pleating jersey wound around her body like a snake, watering down the sculpted arrangements of liquid, brilliant silk emphasizing her rational shoulders. How could he think of “rational”, he asked himself, in a scenery whose living palette is to hide or reveal the surface polite, savage underneath?”
China Noir is an unpredictable spy novel set in present day China, WWII; a thrilling quest to witness the birth of a mysterious ancient manuscript. WORK IN PROGRESS. ©2012 Julie O’Yang

Below is to show you how “dance” is written in Chinese. So next time when you are having a headache, go prancing and shuffling:)

“Dance” in calligraphy style


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