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A somewhat dream interpretation


Falling /Empty Kingdom, painting by Julie O’Yang, Chinese ink on canvas

 © 2012Julie O’Yang Artwork & poem first published in One Imperative, a thematic art-zine from Singapore, curator Jeremy Fernando 

On June 4, Room No. 1989

(A somewhat dream interpretation)


Those ordinary experiences

Those ordinary images

Rushing into

My nocturnal, one woman’s space by accident

Turning themselves to arabesque words

Of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometric figures

Shapes of a crimson cloudscape

Wine-red time machine bringing me to roses in December

Where you made love to me

I told you that we tasted like sea

In that summer place stirred by

The hours of lightness, Room No. 1989


We talked silly languages like lovers do

We felt mad feelings lovers feel

Love didn’t change us into great poets

Pronouncing arabesque words

Of intertwined floral, foliate, and geometric figures

I felt you felt drunk

I felt you felt loved

For the first time in your young-old breathing

In your breath, I reached out to feel distant crimson clouds

To catch our feather-white time machine

We are gamblers who know failure when we see it

And we failed

In that summer place stirred by

The hours of lightness, Room No. 1989


Then suddenly

Drip, drip, drip, dark red, dark thick

I awoke to the sap of Life

Salty, crimson iron rain during the hours of lightness and carnage

Tender, durable paradox sea I tasted on my lips

I tasted your departed breath:

I’m no longer in your poem

You are no longer in my dream

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Upgrade your summer appetizer

Title:  The vagina rules: On soup, sincerer love and creative writing
— A confidential closet tête-à-tête with myself
Author: Julie O’Yang
Ah, I miss this dish! Nope, it’s not a book cover.
The unconventional essay is a disquisition on the subject or a series of subjects; a plucky, spirited take on creative writing as a genuine art form. Art that begins with capitalised A favours bold flavours. What’s more, Art favours changes and variations. Like us, Muses of Art love diversity, and these undaunted, unreserved, almost heroic ladies love honesty in their anarchic, seemingly lawless, kitchen. They wear their skin the way other people wear evening dress.  Art is work as flesh and flesh as work – It is a mirror into the writer’s soul.
This is an exciting time for new flavours and changes in the kitchen. With the coming of digital publishing and indie publishing, the basic “rules” for writers are transforming and are adjusting to a new sense of adventure when it comes to creativity and creative writing. The potential readers out there can be reached directly through the Internet. More and more people are looking for creative ways to read. Indeed, reading has become much more a creative, interactive process than ever before. Readers are looking for inspired, inspiring, fun ideas to spice up their reading experience as well as living experience; visions and flavours to bring a special kick to their everyday life, to broaden their everyday horizon.
Julie O’Yang serves them with ditto enthusiasm and imagination, grilled crispy and garden-fresh challenging. To be published by The Book World in the Creative Writing anthology (The Book World, 2012/3(?), Kolkata, India)

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