My dream is yours …or, butterfly kisses…

“…to love, one has to be willing to risk oneself, to open oneself, to allow oneself to be wounded, torn apart. In new ways, ways that we have yet to understand, come across, ways we do not yet have a name for.” A review of my novel BUTTERFLY in Singapore Review of Books

My dream is yours … or, butterfly kisses …

By Jeremy Fernando



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2 responses to “My dream is yours …or, butterfly kisses…

  1. Sandra Uraga

    It is so beautiful and so true what you say about loving someone. It’s giving yourself entirely to that person you LOVE, no matter what.
    Once a friend told me: “Just love and don’t care if he/she loves you back, just love, because Love is growing in your heart and That is what really matters. LOVE is Amazing!”

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