A beautiful stranger

ALAN TURING born 23 June 1912: the unprovable problem is the solution

A beautiful stranger (The maths of the Dragon)

© 2012 Julie O’Yang

In front of you it sits

Do not open & touch the dust

Of perfection

You’ve been to the Dragon Hills

Looking for shadows

Clouds from both sides

Like white powder sifting through a dead maiden’s face

As she arises

Her white powder hands digging

Into the debris of a system

In order to let in light & air

And so you start to believe

That the entire world has turned into a great ruin

And the Dragon is the sole survivor

You can hear her faraway wingbeats

Vermillion leather.


If you think very clearly

As clearly as the light dancing

On tresses of her charcoal eyelashes

You can also catch the dust

Of her voice

falling  softly onto your closed eyelids:


A beautiful stranger.



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3 responses to “A beautiful stranger

  1. nispell


  2. B.J. Ashanti

    lovely Jewels-nice surprise–but poetry ? (harrumph—lol)

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