I’m a green dog

In 2008, the year of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, I hosted a talkshow on Dutch National TV (VPRO). For the programme I travelled to Beijing where I interviewed five guests working in the media of the People’s Republic of China. Our conversations focus on media censorship and the fast changing landscape inside the System. Due to copyright restrictions, I’m not able to share any part of the talkshow.  However, I managed to write a short story of my unforgettable experience, which you can read here: https://julieoyang.wordpress.com/china-diary-a-short-story/.

For my Dutch friends, here is an interview with me on NPS Kunststof Radio shortly after I returned from my recording on location in my homeland >>>http://player.omroep.nl/?aflID=7632458. It was fun talking to Frenk van der Linden.

Now four years on, this is the lastest state of play. Read “China Soft-Power Watch: the Yang Rui ‘Foreign Bitch’ Factor”. Yang Rui was one of my guests I had interviewed, the CCTV Larry King http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/05/china-soft-power-watch-the-yang-rui-foreign-bitch-factor/257403/

(Artwork: Zhou Chunya)



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2 responses to “I’m a green dog

  1. Got to read your story only now. Thanks for a very poignant tale. I loved the way you entwined your larger purpose with a very personal journey. (Who is that docu-maker/hair cutter?) “‘This is what China is famous for and what the Chinese are best at. Building walls. Wall separating people. Wall between you and me…”. Nice!

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