While you and I are busy looking away

Today, on May 4th in 1919, the Chinese intelligentsia in Beiping (Beijing) called out “Mr. Science & Mr. Democracy”, marking the beginning of the “May 4 Movement”. A turning point that would have an everlasting impact on the future. The Land of Dragon set the first step towards a modern nation. One of prominent figures of May 4 is Lu Xun, the author of Madman’s Diary, in which he portrays the Chinese society and people in his typically sharp and merciless way. However, the free thinkers of China died with empty hands, for, that’s today’s reality. I’m not going to say we are guilty. But I’m going to say and am saying it. You and me, we are responsible for today’s world as it is.  That gives enough reason for a moment of commemoration. In the following clip, Pangu, the punk band in exile bemoans Lu Xun and the spirit of May 4, choked, strangled and killed when we looked away.


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