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Ask a fish, a review

“Chinese mythology is filled with tales of fish-women, erotic enchantresses who can disguise their scales, perhaps for generations, in order to lure the human men they love. These archetypal creatures have been re-imagined by Dutch-Chinese author Julie O’Yang in her fascinating new book Butterfly: A Novel, and they exist in a world that incorporates the modernity of Shanghai with memories of the Nanking massacre and the romantic and sexual torments of a young doctor.”
A new review is up by Austalian writer, scholar & dreamer Walter Mason. Read

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I’m a green dog

In 2008, the year of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, I hosted a talkshow on Dutch National TV (VPRO). For the programme I travelled to Beijing where I interviewed five guests working in the media of the People’s Republic of China. Our conversations focus on media censorship and the fast changing landscape inside the System. Due to copyright restrictions, I’m not able to share any part of the talkshow.  However, I managed to write a short story of my unforgettable experience, which you can read here:

For my Dutch friends, here is an interview with me on NPS Kunststof Radio shortly after I returned from my recording on location in my homeland >>> It was fun talking to Frenk van der Linden.

Now four years on, this is the lastest state of play. Read “China Soft-Power Watch: the Yang Rui ‘Foreign Bitch’ Factor”. Yang Rui was one of my guests I had interviewed, the CCTV Larry King

(Artwork: Zhou Chunya)


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Bella figura: she is trying to kill you. Some facts and amusing titles to take your boobs seriously. SERIOUSLY!

Jiri Kylian’s tasteful:


Then, ”…Milk for girls is thin but abundant, while boy milk is fattier and scarcer—the theory being that girls then must stick closer to their mothers for frequent feedings, thus absorbing their social roles, while boys are easily sated and have time to play and explore.” >>> Read >>>

>>>History of breasts by Florence Williams

And some extended reads Ancient Bodies, Modern Lives: How Evolution Has Shaped Women’s Health

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While you and I are busy looking away

Today, on May 4th in 1919, the Chinese intelligentsia in Beiping (Beijing) called out “Mr. Science & Mr. Democracy”, marking the beginning of the “May 4 Movement”. A turning point that would have an everlasting impact on the future. The Land of Dragon set the first step towards a modern nation. One of prominent figures of May 4 is Lu Xun, the author of Madman’s Diary, in which he portrays the Chinese society and people in his typically sharp and merciless way. However, the free thinkers of China died with empty hands, for, that’s today’s reality. I’m not going to say we are guilty. But I’m going to say and am saying it. You and me, we are responsible for today’s world as it is.  That gives enough reason for a moment of commemoration. In the following clip, Pangu, the punk band in exile bemoans Lu Xun and the spirit of May 4, choked, strangled and killed when we looked away.

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The fourth hole is a death hole…

YOU READ, THEREFORE U-R! Read my monthly contribution to Young Chronicle (ref. Trishit Banerjee, founder & editor). Stories with a hole in it: Tales from Xanadu >>> 4. the yellow rose in the goblet >>>The fourth hole is a death hole.

I feature the tablet-size reads on my website to better represent my vision and concept. Click & read all the holes:

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A woman in unwomanly rags | Free Kindle giveaway now extended for a few extra days due to audience’s interest!!!

………..A young woman revisits her homenland. She meets her childhood lovers, a boy and a girl, who are now a married couple. Three worlds clash which used to be one…

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