My night…9.69 seconds

Last week I signed the contract with J Publishing Company, London, UK, for my short story “The night that hides things from us”.  The anthology “9.69 seconds” is to be published at the ocassion of London Olympics. I’m sharing here the opening of my “night”. The night that hides things from us by Julie O’Yang “The village stands on the bank of the broad river with her white, wild water gushing f…orward to the east: Shhhimmeringo-chamchockpour-glissandi-ferochower!” In the dark his voice lowered from a pressing, bottomless fortissimo to a driving undercurrent of hissing pianissimo. The Yangtze then turned into triplets of a recurring motif. Smooth, silver ripples traversing an immense level of rice fields, open to the horizon walled in by a range of blue peaks, and on the west a dark patch of woodland. This was the place he was born and raised, in a thatched hut on the hill overlooking half a mile of rustling rice paddies. In the shadow to the left, immediately adjacent to the cemetery that in the summer also served as playing ground for children, a Buddhist temple emerged dedicated to Kwannon-of-the-Eleven-Faces, accompanied by a shrine with a handsome tiled roof in honour of the Deity of Silkworms. All the details she had envisioned as she saw them vividly in her mind’s eye, distinguishing every infinitesimal thread of an imaginary tapestry she could have perceived through the magic of his voice. His voice was the only proof that they were together in that moonless night – the darkest of all nights – on the 4th of June 1989 on the Tiananmen Square, in Beijing, China’s capital.
Click & read more on China’s golden 1980’s, before the military crackdown, including a film trailer & review, photo album & a song

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