“History is written only once, so is Butterfly by Julie O’Yang.” Read a new review of my novel

“History is written only once, so is Butterfly by Julie O’Yang.” And so Trishit Banerjee, Founder & Editor Young Chronicle, started his review. He went on: “I would regard this as one of the best books I have ever read. With such exquisite feelings, the book compels the readers to go back and read the same sentence again and again for this extraordinary work of literature is filled with jaw-dro…pping mysteries in every page. Reading this book reminds me of Arundhati Roy’s ‘The God of Small Things’, a Man Booker Prize Winner for the year 1997. Through the eyes of a young boy who is just capable enough of carrying satchel to the classroom, I would never regard Julie’s work as a work of the wrinkled times, for, great stories remain in the minds of the reader for the years to come irrespective of the age. Like the vibrant colours of the butterfly, the book leaves a gleaming impression on the minds of the reader. Set in the turbulent times of Sino-Japanese War, a fatal love story between a married Chinese woman and a young Japanese soldier, the book takes you on a turbulent ride, through ups and downs of aggression, drama, love and ravishingly selected words. A climax behind the scenic Yangtze river, keeps the reader pondering long after the book is read. It makes me remind of the legendary and notable Hindi writer, Premchand, whose characters in the stories can be related by any person in the world at some stage of his life. I would surely wish good luck to Julie for the journey in the world of love, loss, aggression, forlorn and above all suppressed feelings which need to resurface itself in this literary world.” As a token of my appreciation and thank you, I offer you the free read of Chapter 2 from my website. http://www.julieoyang.com/quick-impressive.html. Scroll down et voila.


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