What do I have in common with leg hair from Tokyo

Body language, signs, signals, non-verbals, you need them but quite often they don’t need you. Now I have two more extras to make you feel confused: the O’Yang typeface + 26 leg hair from Tokyo.

In my recently published novel Butterfly, the following dialogue takes place between my Doctor and his patient.

…Reigan smiles, raising a triumphant voice: “The glyph on this six thousand year old piece of art says: one nine four four. It’s English. See? I figured out. Simple plain English but written in such a manner that the four tiny ink clusters appear like Chinese pictograms! Secret language is love’s secret domain. The night’s invisible garden where sick roses blossom that can’t bear to see the daylight! You want me to help you remember a dark secret you are so ashamed of that you needed to forget. Or perhaps it is something we all have forgotten because the memory of it would mean so much pain.”

This is only part of their dialogue. Both protagonists are in search of an illness without a known cause, but which has a pervasive impact on every citizen of a Chinese metroplis.  However, its significance is hidden from them by means of a secret writing.

Until this day there are two options for the Chinese to speak their mind: If you can’t be silent, if you really can’t shush like me, you have to be clever and find a way to talk without your head rolling at once. That’s where the secret language came into my mind, and I spent quite a few hours to figure out the non-existent typeface, which I used in the fan-shape illustrations in my novel.

About a month ago, I came across a bizarre typeface created with leg hair. Mayuko Kanazawa, a Japanese art student was recently given the assignment of creating a typeface without the aid of a computer. She then decided to use a camera. Instead of doing an ordinary alphabet photo project, she photographed leg hair which she manipulated into different characters.

Yes, there are uppercase letters as well and it spells: BUTTERFLY, A NOVEL BY JULIE O’YANG. Dowmload me in Amazon Kindle store today for $1.01. 1-CLICK kindle me. I love you.



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2 responses to “What do I have in common with leg hair from Tokyo

  1. Well, Jule, Jewelie, Nice captivating dialogue. I enjoyed it. I’ll have to change my psyche before I can appreciate the “leg hair” though. Where in hell do you find these esoteric things. You are without a doubt one of my most interesting friends/colleagues. All the best and Good Luck. They are publishing my third novel but I can’t say more. I might jinx it. Do you believe in destiny or luck?.

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