The basic spelling of a kiss

Errors found in the Kindle of my novel BUTTERFLY, including those that occurred during conversion and the ones I overlooked. I am fully responsible for the latter. I will be updating this list, I welcome my readers to report your findings that cause pain in your neck as they do mine.

*  “…AD and the other old age disease. To let the fancy roam. Feel free. After that I can handle life –

What’s up, champion? I see something is bothering you?”

Reigan tells. He deliberately left out the crucial part, only arguing that they will need extra sickrooms… (Layout is wrong in Kindle and screwed up my intention!)

*  “ …the story puzzled me back then. It still does today.”

*  There is a local legend about dolphin males trying their shotgun with pearl diving girls, said the woman, grinning.

*  “…in case you are hungry, which I think you are – he reaches for the shopping bag on the floor,

*  “…The thrill I never knew before! I thought I would be punished one day for being so happy.

 >>>>>>Follow the link to download a better book impression & layout 


       A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation  point. This is the basic spelling we should know.


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