A hot December kiss

I intended to have my novel uploaded on 22 December 2011 at 9 am sharp Amsterdam time. Why this particular date? 

In 1858, Giacomo Puccini, the Italian composer was born on this day, who would later create Cho Cho, the most famous and famously tragic butterfly who “is like a porcelain doll and sets them on fire”.

In 2005, again on this very special day, astronomers announced the discovery of two more rings encircling the planet Uranus. The ancient god of Heaven is “crowned” today.

As a fiction writer, I have a penchant for facts. The unfortunate fact is that Kindle upload is jamming terribly since yesterday evening. From high tech and dreams as high as heavens, I’m suddenly dropping back to medieval speed, weight and resistance. Such is life.

However, this is my peace-offering kiss to you, dear reader of my work. Click on the image to DOWNLOAD 1st chapter Butterfly, A novel as well as a sneak preview of my current project.

I understand that it can take up to 72 hours before everything would be settled as I wish. For which I apologise. WATCH ME CLOSELY!


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One response to “A hot December kiss

  1. Thank you for your generosity, Julie. I’ve downloaded chap. 1 and will migrate it to my e-book reader shortly. Now, do have the merriest of Christmases and a bountiful, prosperous New Year!

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