The wolf at her heels (The wolf is the highest butterfly you can fly)

 Artwork: The telltale sweetheart by J O’Yang, Ink on Oriental paper

*Artwork is inspired by Four Seasons written by Li Yu (李渔) in 1657 during the Qing Dynasty. 

One day the boy was bored. He climbed up a tree and cried: “Wolf! Wolf!” Upon hearing, people from his village all came running to save his life. When they found out that there was no wolf, the villagers shook their head and went back to whatever they were doing. Next time the boy climbed up the tree and cried again: “Wolf! Wolf!” Again the villagers came all running to capture the wolf. Again they found only the wind dancing with trees. There was no wolf. So again people went back to their work. They left the boy to himself without saying anything. When the same episode repeated for the third time, people decided that the boy was a liar who is not a liar when he KNOWS he is a liar. But then, one day they heard the boy on the tree again, crying: “Wolf! Wolf!”, and of course no one came this time, and of course this time the wolf was real. “Heck! What are these people!” the boy thought to himself indignantly. He was very afraid, because the wolf was very big and very black. All right, he decided, since no-one came, I shall have to be brave and save myself. The boy came down the tree and ate the wolf. On that day literature was born.

———————–Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ-Picnic on literature ©Julie O’Yang 2011



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2 responses to “The wolf at her heels (The wolf is the highest butterfly you can fly)

  1. I’m glad the wolfeater didn’t evolve into a secretary. He would have died of rancour and opened the gates of the village to packs of wolves & monsters. Now he could make a novel of this catastrophe…

  2. Very clever. I loved it. A Grim Fairy Tale

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