Welcome, USA!

Sina Weibo or Weibo (微博) is a Chinese microblogging akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of internet users, it has a similar market penetration that Twitter has established in the USA. Launched by SINA Corporation in August 2009,now it has more than 200 million registered users in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, and in Italy, the reason being the silent takeover of the Italian fashion industry by the Chinese (visit Naples or Padua, you will understand what I’m talking about). Block on social media in China has allowed homegrown Weibo to flourish – and now it’s blossoming in to far more than a Twitter-style microblogging tool. Weilingdi (微领地) is another service bundled with Weibo that is similar to Foursquare, a location-based social networking website based on software for mobile devices. In addition, Sina Lady Weibo is another service, which specializes in women’s interests. There are doubts whether Weibo is legal according to the copyright of Twitter. (Source: Wiki)

Currently, the follwoing is being circulated on Weibo. It’s a series of screenshots from a Phoenix TV program on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. It shows an interview with a college student in Beijing. These are the captions:

Q: What was your reaction to 9-11?

A: I was overjoyed, because it was [caused by American] hegemonism.

Q: Would you go to the USA if you had the chance?

A: I’ve already applied to go.

Q: How long will you stay there?

A: If I can stay there, I’ll stay.

In China, this is not an unusual view of the world.

I attach here the original Phoenix TV online footage for a complete list.


(Via Danwei)


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