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Words on wings

  “Can the right words evoke magic? As a mojo doctor, I can tell you emphatically YES. A single word can bring on sudden and profound transformation. Through spontaneity, words also free up the tension between opposite or extreme ideas, allowing them to be teased and played with, which leads to even greater transformation.”

I forgot where I read this, I didn’t take note on sources but I totally agree with the author when he wrote this.

                                                                                                Giuseppe Arcimboldo


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A Chinese in London

It’s Sunday, I’m in London doing some pre-publication stuff for the Kindle version of my forthcoming novel BUTTERFLY that will be due by Chirstmas 2011. Follow this link to find out how I beat my Sunday blues and why

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October Dust & Lust

London, 8 October 2011

“As blossoms
fade and fly across the sky,

Who pities
the faded red, the scent that has been?

Men laugh at
my folly in burying fallen flowers,

But who will
bury me when dead I lie?

The day that
spring takes wing and beauty fades,

Who will
care for the fallen blossom

on dead maid?”

This poem, Daiyu buries flowers,  comes from DREAM OF THE RED CHAMBER 红楼梦 by Cao Xueqin (1715? – 1764?). Being one of the greatest classics of world literature, it tells of a boy born with a piece of jade in his mouth, and the talisman comes to decide his fate and that of the over 400 characters around him. A tale with the epic scope of Tolstoy, the poetic sense of Shakespeare, the magic feel of Borges. I recommend the Penguin translation.

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BUTTERFLY, A NOVEL’s monologue:

Many of you may think I can’t talk but I do, excessively so and all jaws. I wonder if that’s the reason I get burnt sometimes. And yes, I too have a life, hear me.
I was born on a rainy day somewhere in Asia, when a stranger bought me on the antique Bird & Flower Market near the house where she was born (she had long left that place but what’s new). So it happened… on that rainy day, she bought me without her knowing it. Concealed in the soft joint of a plant, I looked through my opaque, meshlike pupal casing. As I saw her passing by in her silky paces almost like a butterfly, I fell in love with her. I begged in silence that she would turn around. She did! She looked quizzically at me, not having a clue what was going to happen to her…and the rest is indeed a miracle! I entered her life, she entered mine — me still cloaked in my cocoon, disguised like a masquerade queen. In the months that followed, she would water her nameless plant on the window ledge first thing every morning. I so learnt to know her, her bedroom eyes when she woke up, her thoughts deep in the night at her writing desk, sharp and burning like a razor, the dimple of despair between her knitted eyebrows. Tears. Sigh pf relief when she found those little words she said, when words mean so much to her, blank page after blank page. She never back down or shy away, she always listen to me, to her heart that get us both through those sleepless hours. But then, finally the time came. She couldn’t believe it but it did. The first fiery pink flower blossomed in front of the window, I decided to leave my covert retreat and stretch my wings to meet her face-to-face for the first time. I’m not an attacus atlas. I’m queen of queens. I am a BOOK! Now I give her to you, my queen, my maker and muse, my mistress and lover. Hold her tight and dance to the beat of her heart. Give her your love give her your sins. She will whisper into your ear that one little secret, on a rainy day, the silky paces, shuffling…
©Julie O’Yang | A kindle version of the novel will be available by Christmas 2011. “like”my new Facebook page “A zoo of butterflies

MORE RISkS, MORE EXCITeMENT, MORE EVERyTHING. You can follow the latest news updates through my “butterfly” blog

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Welcome, USA!

Sina Weibo or Weibo (微博) is a Chinese microblogging akin to a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. It is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of internet users, it has a similar market penetration that Twitter has established in the USA. Launched by SINA Corporation in August 2009,now it has more than 200 million registered users in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, and in Italy, the reason being the silent takeover of the Italian fashion industry by the Chinese (visit Naples or Padua, you will understand what I’m talking about). Block on social media in China has allowed homegrown Weibo to flourish – and now it’s blossoming in to far more than a Twitter-style microblogging tool. Weilingdi (微领地) is another service bundled with Weibo that is similar to Foursquare, a location-based social networking website based on software for mobile devices. In addition, Sina Lady Weibo is another service, which specializes in women’s interests. There are doubts whether Weibo is legal according to the copyright of Twitter. (Source: Wiki)

Currently, the follwoing is being circulated on Weibo. It’s a series of screenshots from a Phoenix TV program on the tenth anniversary of 9-11. It shows an interview with a college student in Beijing. These are the captions:

Q: What was your reaction to 9-11?

A: I was overjoyed, because it was [caused by American] hegemonism.

Q: Would you go to the USA if you had the chance?

A: I’ve already applied to go.

Q: How long will you stay there?

A: If I can stay there, I’ll stay.

In China, this is not an unusual view of the world.

I attach here the original Phoenix TV online footage for a complete list.

(Via Danwei)

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