PS: Now you tell me.

This is an additional note to my last post on falling in (Platonic) love in the future. I hope it has excited you as it did me and you are not too upset.  However, as a diligent weaver of imaginative labyrinths, I have found more to the story, which reads like this — hold your breath –:

Your oldest relative is a RAT!

I hastily jump to the conclusion: we came from China (not from Africa) and we are still hairy. To make the case even more fancy, I found this fragment from the film Seven Years in Tibet, starring Brat Pitt, but that’s not my point. Watch first and I’ll tell you why. (If you don’t have time for interesting detours in your humdrum sameness, skip to 7:37 where Brat or I start(s) to make a point.)____

You have already guessed what I wanted to know, haven’t you, my partners in crime? That shrew, is that my reincarnation or my (back to the) future, if I’d take the ticking UFO Einstein never built?

Oh I just love this mess!



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2 responses to “PS: Now you tell me.

  1. andrew foley

    thanx Ms O’yang!! xxx

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