Am I an accountant or what?

“No, said Heron, Dedalus is a model youth. He doesn’t smoke and he doesn’t go to bazaars and he doesn’t flirt and he doesn’t damn anything or damn all.” James Joyce, A portrait of a the artist as a young man.

Thank you, Jamie! Being an independent artist/writer is a downright bore, you never get to live! First rate artists, second or even third rate life, plain truth. Why does one choose such non-life then, I wondered today. Because through writing, through that process, you realise that you become more intelligent, and more honest and more imaginative than they can be in any other part of their life. BOO! I don’t feel the least imaginative for the past weeks, that’s the reality. The process of writing a novel is like the life of an accountant; balancing, measurement, chartering in the hope that in the end the bits of  information will fit into a plot. You have to make them fit, exactly like the bookers in the films about gansters and mafia, otherwise you face the death sentence. A novelist is a rotten, fishy booker just like any booker is, for the only thing s/he cares about is the storyline, therefore I molest the heart of helpless boys and girls with sadistic pleasure. I even kill to serve the very purpose of Art! I feel damn responsible for their humble fate put into my hand!

However, September/October are not about art. These are tax months. It’s about living a real life. Which means I have to leave my dark, lonely cave of creation and go to real places and see and talk to real people.

So to better organise myself (I’m an accountant after all), I enlist here the events that involve me and my work the coming autumn. Check out the urls I grabbed together. And, most important, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please stop by. It would be GREAT to meet you face-to-face! And my heart beats, like Frankie boy sings in cheek-to-cheek.

As visual artist: Arti 11 in The Hague, The Netherlands. I will be attending the opening of the art fair and showing some of my works during the occasion. Esteelie is the gallery that represents me and my artworks.

As author on 8th Octorber during the Library Festival in London:

Again as author again in London on 15th October during South Asian Literature Festival:

Then I will retreat to my dark cave and prepare my Kindle. You can take a peek of the blurb here Also a teaser trailer I uploaded to my youtube channel which I opened recently:

Hope to see you around! As for now, my butterfly kisses for a sunny Sunday.


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One response to “Am I an accountant or what?

  1. Wicked Laughs

    :D…lugging those fat books…is a bitch I tell ya!

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