Butterfly effect

Yesterday it was the Chinese Moon feast, a celebration of harvest and families and friends in China share love in the shape of moon cakes. Being far away from my homeland, I fought “a lonely me a lonely you” feeling with working harder than usual. Life is such a distraction, that’s why I’m late with this post which is a little celebration of my own harvest. My agent and I have reached an agreement that I can bring out a Kindle version of my novel BUTTERFLY around Christmas 2011, hooray for Earth! The caterpillar does all the work but the butterfly gets all the publicity, that’s the way it is.

Meanwhile, I have put a little gift quickly together for you to take a peek. It’s a teaser trailer; the real book trailer is coming yet. Click on image & Unpack!

Oh, before I forget. You can follow news and events on the forthcoming title by browsing Gimme butterfly kisses.  I will highlight the race toward the end of the year by sharing stories and weather on both sites so you can follow me closely. Don’t miss it, I promise you an adventurous, dashing ride — as always.



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