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A lilac tale or seven days in Xanadu (A poem)

Carrying an oil-paper umbrella, wandering

in the deep, deep

and mirrored seven alley

I expect to meet

a girl with sadness of a lilac tale, she


eeeeewill be steeped in the liquid sunset, wandering

joined but alone

in my mirrored tale and carrying an oil-paper umbrella

just like me, solitary and walking

in silence, she


eeeeewill approach in lilac silence

draw close and gaze deep, deep into my eyes

eeeeewill drift past like a figure

in a dream drifting, like an hourflower

further and further, in lilac silence and


passing a broken-down fence

treading on the melancholy pulse of the purple rain heart

her colour fading

her fragrance washed out

toward the end of my mirrored tale, she


eeeeewill fade away like her gaze

eeeeewith sadness of a lilac hourflower

eeeeedrifting past me


like a girl


© Julie O’Yang. Text based on a poem by the Chinese symbolist poet Dai Wangshu (1905-1950), image private collection 



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Rendezvous avec la mort (a poem)

A drowsy walk of pallid six afternoon hours
To lay red camellias by your head
I wait through the night
To listen to you listening to the chitchat of the blossom ocean tides

© Julie O’Yang. Text based on a poem by the Chinese symbolist poet Dai Wangshu (1905-1950), image found at a graveyard


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The once notorious Story of O (Histoire d’O) is a tale of female submission. It tells about a beautiful Parisian fashion photographer, O, who is blindfolded, chained, whipped, branded, pierced, made to wear a mask, and taught to be constantly available for harsh sexual intercourse. The novel by French author Anne Desclos under nom de plume Pauline Réage caused scandal and was imposed a publicity ban for a number of years. The edition published in 1968 in Paris is illustrated by the Argentine surrealist Leonor Fini. STUPENDOUSLY awesome ~ Watch the clip

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