Playing “cloud and rain”, erotic poetry & art in ancient China

You held my lotus blossom/In your lips and played with the/Pistil. We took one piece of/Magic rhinoceros horn/And could not sleep all night long./All night the cock’s gorgeous crest/Stood erect. All night the bee /Clung trembling to the flower/Stamens. Oh my sweet perfumed/Jewel! I will allow only/My lord to possess my sacred/Lotus pond, and every night/You can make blossom in me
Flowers of fire. ~ To the tune Soaring Clouds by HUANG O (1498-1569) (Photo: Chinese erotic print, chungongtu, 春宫图, from the Ming dynasty)

*The ancient Chinese tradition of erotic poetry has been largely ignored and forgotten. I found a translation collection on amazon ISBN 978-0-307-26567-8, including a wide range of sources from 600 BC to the present, from highly literary poems to popular verse and folk songs; voices of men and women that speak the universal language of desire.


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