A word a day (1)

Word I learned today: Orchidaceous. Means “like an orchid”. The word can imply “ostentatious” or even “gaudy”. Orchids constitute the largest family of flowering plants there is. However, almost each variety of this weird family can only be pollinated by a specific insect or bird, making it highly dependent for survival. (Orchidaceous sneer at Darwin?) Orchid species simply lure pollinators into “pseudocopulation” with bright colours and sweet scents that not only –falsely — promise food but also reproduction. The word “orchid” derives directly from the Greek “orkhis” which means testicle. Orchids were used in ancient and medieval times as aphrodisiacs. (Painting by Georgia O’Keefe)


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  1. Sanjaya Kala

    Not only is your English superb, Julie, I must admire your unique ability to learn new things!! Keep it up.

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